market launch plan

Project Plan

For us, each assignment is a project and a project basically asks for a plan, a project plan.

The components of such a plan are almost always the same and usually begins with a question or an idea, which is often the project definition as well. The ultimate goal is to get an answer as to whether to convert the idea into a product.

What is described in the project plan and how extensive this is, is, i.a., the complexity of the question. Some questions can be answered quickly, other questions require a wider approach or more effort.

In common, different phases are always distinguished in the elaboration. And within the phases, the work must be completed before it can be taken to a next stage.

Credible items are budgeting and managing them. However, also a flexibility that allows deviations from the original plan if this is necessary by progressive insights.

Our contribution may include the whole or a part, the basis idea remains that we want to stay close to our knowledge.


Mind Map

For the main lines of our approach we use Mind Maps. A clear tool in which each branch describes a phase.

The big advantage of a Mind Map is that it is very easy to adapt to changing insights and situations and also to expand without losing the overview. In addition, a mind map can also be made of each part-process, e.g. the budget, over the same phases.

Of course the Mind Map has an accompanying document for each branch that deals in detail with the particular item.

In addition, the Management can be fast and clearly informed in which phase the project is located and alterations can be quickly adjusted.

This Mind Map shows an example of possible project phases we can take care of.