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In a lot of companies the production manager simply lacks the time to intensively engage himself with such subjects.

Due to our background and extensive international experience we are capable to select the optimal, practice oriented solutions. Our assignments are carried out in conjunction with the people that will apply the new or adjusted methods in their daily work. If the solution comes with any new equipment, the supplier will, if desired, also be consulted extensively. Acceptance by the whole organization and feasible implementations are the best guarantees for continuity.

Our customers are not in need of a woolly analysis, but rather a pragmatic approach including a clear, readable and to the point report resulting in the right choices, quick and effective introduction into the organization.

Our comprehensive knowledge of all the aspects of the printing technology ensures a constant level of quality. We are pleased to offer our services to assist in the optimization, integration or project management of diverse processes in the world of textile printing.


Advice on optimization

The optimization of production processes or even of specific steps quite often yields significant improvements in efficiency and costs.

It is not always advisable or necessary to make the optimization dependent on the purchase of new hardware or software, and wait with the implementation of the optimization until the new equipment arrives.

It is essential to implement the optimization in such a way that the updated process is completely ready for any future automation steps.

We can specify the options for optimization of production processes.

Advice on integration

The purchase of software or hardware can become necessary for an existing production process.
The selection of the most effective solution is inextricably bound up with the purpose the you want to use it for.
The management of the processes involved with the selected automation solution briefly calls for expertise in the automation of and integration into the printing process.

We gladly assist you in specifying the system requirements and in comparing the available systems and, finally, in helping you to select the most optimal system.


Project management

Assisting with the introduction of new processes

It is of vital importance that the introduction of any new automated implementations (from concept to practice) is managed adequately thus ensuring a smooth and continuous transition. The introduction of modern apparatus and process changes involved with the new hardware, often have a major impact on the day-to-day activities.
Quite frequently one has to introduce new methods of work and to apply new approaches.

The introduction of new processes calls for extensive coaching to ensure that such projects, both in content and in schedule, are brought to a favourable conclusion. It is often difficult to manage these changes next to the normal work. We can assist you with the introduction for a part or the total duration of the project.